RO Spare Parts

PURITAN AQUA R.O.WATER SOLUTIONS is a leading brand in water purification System in Hyderabad, we also provide RO Commercial Plants, RO Industrial Plants to our customers, Best suited for large and small scale industries, Our manufacturered range of Domestic Water purifiers, Commercial Water Plants, Industrial Water Purifiers are highly acknowledge among clients. In additional to these we also provide RO Spare Parts, includes Water Purifier Spare Parts, RO Spare Parts Near Me, Water Filter Spare Parts, Reverse OSmosis Plant Parts, UV Lamp, Jumbo Filter, RO Membrane, Post Carbon Filter, RO Water Pumps, Antiscaling Balls, Activated Carbon Filter, RO Water Purifier Spare Parts in Hyderabad.

We offer Installation Request of other Water Purifiers and sell spare parts of water purifiers. We undertake Annual maintenance of water purifiers.

RO Spare Part Function
Activated Carbon Filter Absorbs Chlorine, VOC Organic Matter, Odor, Smell Turbidity
Activated Carbon Filter C.T.O Absorbs Chlorine, VOC Organic Matter, Odor, Smell Turbidity
Activated Sediment Filter Remove residual toner small particles and carbon granule of 2nd C.T.O
Alkaline Filter Alkaline filter neutraliz over-acidity in our body caused by stress, modern diet, Air pollution or Acidic bottled water.
Antibacterial balls Promotes additional beneficial to microorganisms or produce immune regulatory factors to enhance the human blood circulation system , digestion and absorption, drainage metabolism, etc.
Antiscaling Balls Siliphos Balls is used as an alternative to RO Anti scalants to prevent scaling on RO Membranes.
Post Carbon Filter Absorb odour and enhances taste
Prefilter Removes Sand Dirt, Worn and Rust Particles
RO Membrane Filtration Precision for Separating and removing Bacteria, Virus, Heavy Metal Ions, Salt, Bad Mineral Substance, Dissolved Matter and Chemical.
Ultraviolet (UV) Sterlizer Remove 99.99% Destruction of Bacteria, Virus Microorganism
Puritan Aqua
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Puritan Aqua
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